from Kathy’s Desk – August 2021

| News

So far, in regards to the weather, this has been an incredible summer!  We continue to enjoy record breaking days of sunshine and have even hosted some amazing events in our own garden oasis.  It all started with the colourful waving of the red and white flags for Canada Day, followed by the flashes of gold, silver, and bronze medals seen at the Tokyo Olympic Games on TV, and continued on with some salsa music and delicious hamburger patties at the many BBQ’s hosted in each neighbourhood.  Definitely not the lazy days of my youth at the beach, but more fun, and certainly more flamboyant!

In the midst of all this excitement, the Quality Improvement teams continue to meet regularly with our designated FHA Quality Assurance Coordinator (QAC) and our assigned FHA Infection Prevention and Control Community Specialist (IPCCS) to discuss quality initiatives, prospective analyses, risk management, and safety.  Why, you may ask?  Because we are ramping up preparations for the upcoming Accreditation survey scheduled for September 2022.  As a fully accredited care home, we invite Accreditation Canada to come onsite every four years to conduct a review on the level of services and care we provide.  One aspect of the process will involve the Elders, family, volunteers, and staff who will be invited to complete Satisfaction Surveys when they become available.  Upon completion of the external audit, everyone will be encouraged to attend a debriefing where the surveyors will present their findings and give recommendations.  This is just another way to demonstrate our commitment to continuous quality improvement. 

I work with an incredible team and extend my heartfelt thank you to the staff for their cooperation and enthusiasm in keeping our Elders safe and happy during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have had no outbreaks.  Summers are busy enough and there are never enough hours in the day, yet all of our staff work non-stop to provide excellent care, attend meetings, and assist with quality improvement. 

Thank you to all of our valued partners in care, you truly make a difference in the Elders’ lives every single day.