Dining & Services

We’ve got the coffee pot on – and it’s brewing all day for residents, family, friends and staff.


Our Registered Dietitian conducts a comprehensive dietary assessment for each of our Elders, and regularly monitors it for changes as needed. Specialized therapeutic diets and culturally sensitive foods are available for Elders who require them. We strive to provide individualized care for our Elders by catering to their preferences and giving them as much choice as possible.

Guest Dining can be arranged by notifying reception 24 hours in advance, a nominal fee is charged.


Our housekeeping staff are an important part of the team who keep our entire environment fresh and clean. They will consult with residents about the maintenance of their bedroom suite and washroom to ensure daily cleaning does not interfere with visits from family and friends or personal time. Staff will assist as needed if an Elder chooses to maintain their own living space and are also happy to assist with chores such as watering plants. All bed linens, towels and facecloths are provided.


Kinsmen Lodge provides commercial and personal care laundry services. There is a one time $35 charge to label all new resident clothes to ensure we return them safely after washing. Personal laundry service for easy care items is available on a daily basis with same day return.

Add On Services

Foot Care
Dental Hygiene