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Frequently Ask Questions

Have more questions? Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions on moving in, our care, services and recreation. If there is anything still left unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Subscription services such as newspapers, TV, telephone etc. are not included. There are also charges for activities and services such as outings, hairdressing, dentistry and footcare.

Kinsmen Lodge has a dedicated pastor and a variety of multi-faith services are held every week.

Residents are encouraged to bring a small accessory piece of furniture to make their own room comfortable and familiar, as long as it does not cause a safety issue. Furniture supplied by Kinsmen Lodge cannot be removed due to storage restrictions.


Light cleaning is done daily and a total clean is performed weekly.

Kinsmen Lodge has resident pets that are enjoyed by all, and yes, pets are allowed as long as a resident can tend for them and they do not create a risk/discomfort to others. Each request for a pet is considered individually.

Personal laundry service for easy care items is available on a daily basis. There is a one-time, $35 charge to label all new resident clothes to ensure we return them safely after washing. Sheets are changed weekly or as needed. Dry cleaning is the responsibility of the family.

Yes, this is your family member and we consider you a partner in care.Residents may leave the facility with family or friends for any period of time (up to 30 days in one calendar year), but must take responsibility for prescribed medications. There is no reimbursement for rent during the period of absence.

Kinsmen Place has qualified nursing staff (RNs, RPNs and LPNs) and certified Care Aides on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is dependent on the priority needs of all waiting for placement and there is no specific time frame.

Transfer to a funded bed is possible by placing a person’s name on a transfer list that is managed by Fraser Health. Kinsmen Lodge does not handle the wait list for admission to funded beds.

Admission by Fraser Health is based on priority need of the individual. Fraser Health manages a master wait list; therefore, the wait length is unknown to us.

All rooms are single occupancy. There are also 7 double rooms designed especially for couples or friends who want to share. Very occasionally, a shared room may be the first option available and then transfer is arranged to a single room when one comes available.

Residents’ per diem, or daily rate, for a funded bed is set by Fraser Health and calculated on the previous year’s income tax return. Current daily rates range between $30 – $100 a day.

Usually only 48 hours from “bed offer” to admission. Starting with the admissions appointment we arrange with you – which family must attend, we work closely with you to minimize the stress for everyone, especially our new resident who needs lots of support as he/she adjusts to new surroundings.

Fraser Heath Authority recognizes the importance of placing Elders in facilities as close as possible to where their families live or work. While most of our residents have lived in Surrey, we also have Elders from Delta, White Rock, Langley, Fort Langley and Aldergrove.

They will be given priority in placement.

The Fraser Health Authority (FHA) manages the admission to funded beds based on level of acute needs. Most often placement from Fraser Health comes to us from the hospital.

Kinsmen Lodge has qualified nursing staff (RNs, and LPNs) and certified care aides on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The first Care Conference occurs shortly after move-in, followed by regular meetings to ensure the care plan is current.. This is a meeting with the full interdisciplinary team: the Doctor, Nurse, Dietician, Care Aid, Recreation Director, Pastor and CEO to ensure that the medical, physical, dietary, emotional and spiritual needs of your family member are served.

You are always welcome! Visitor meals are available for a nominal charge. We encourage you to reserve 24 hrs. in advance with the receptionist.

A qualified dietitian assesses all dietary needs for each resident and the kitchen will provide any special diets as required.

Absolutely! Our Recreation department offers a robust roster of activities, over 75 special events that include music over 100 day trips in our bus, and a comprehensive art and music program. You can view the calendar of activities in the main floor Great Room, or on the website.

Kinsmen Lodge has one wheelchair accessible bus which our recreation staff are qualified to drive.

Care staff are aware of Elders’ individual needs, including dietary specifics and who may need reminders or assistance to eat.

Absolutely! Staff give residents any assistance required.

Bathing is scheduled once per week. More bathing is offered if required.

The nurse on duty will ensure that prescribed medication is taken and noted on the health record. Our pharmacy dispenses all medications, and the nurse on duty administers the medication according to the doctor’s order. Outside medication cannot be brought in.

Yes! Staff will happily assist with dressing where necessary. Those who can still do things for themselves are encouraged (as needed) to promote independence.

Kinsmen Lodge is a secure environment and specifically designed for people to find directions easily. Staff is aware of and assists any resident who tends to wander and appear lost. Elevators have double buttons to assist in keeping people safe and the “WanderguardTM system is used at KL to minimize elopements. This means Elders at risk for elopement will wear a specialized bracelet that triggers the alarm at the front door if they try to leave unescorted.

Yes, Kinsmen Lodge is a Complex Care facility and provides care for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias plus many other age-related conditions.

We support the right of our residents to make choices and to be free from restraint.

Kinsmen Lodge is not a “locked facility”; the main door is equipped with a security code to enter and leave the building for resident safety (similar to many apartment buildings).

Residents who are capable are encouraged to maintain their community connections. For other residents less able to participate in activities unescorted, the “WanderguardTM” system is used at KL to minimize elopements. Elders at risk for elopement will wear this special bracelet that triggers the alarm at the door if they try to leave unescorted.

Yes. Our physiotherapist is on site weekly and a kinesiologist is on site 3x weekly to provide exercises and mobility assessments.

Residents are welcome to bring in their own alcoholic beverages which must be stored by the nurse in the medication room.


Resident participation is encouraged but choice is always respected. At Kinsmen Lodge, recreation is about Elders spending time in activities they are interested in and enjoy. For some this may mean a quiet place near the garden and for others a day-trip off site. We offer a wide range of programs in between.

Contact Liesa Bannerman Director Recreation and Volunteer Services at 604-588-0445.