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October and November were busy months and December, with all the preparation for Christmas, will be just as busy but twice the fun!  In October Kinsmen Lodge experienced two power outages and participated in the provincial “Shake Out”disaster training exercise.

On Oct. 19th, two vehicles collided at the corner of King George Blvd. and 96th Ave.hitting a power pole and thus knocking the power out for a square kilometre of which Kinsmen Lodge is in the middle.  The power went out at 1:40 PM and thanks to BC Hydro crews, the power came back on at 5:40 PM.  Kinsmen Lodge has emergency back-up power which is tested regularly.  All systems functioned as expected and the staff and Elders were amazing and stayed very calm.  Two days later at 2AM, the power went out due to the storm.  The protocols were once again followed and the power came back on within 30 minutes.  The Elders had no idea there even was a power outage.

KL participated in the province wide “Shake Out” on Oct. 16 at 10:16 AM.  This is an exercise to test our preparedness in the event of an earthquake (Code Orange).  The goal is to teach everyone to “drop, cover & hold” for 60 seconds or till the earth stops shaking.  As with all safety exercises, we discuss/encourage learning from what we did right and how we can do better.  We learned we need more emergency supplies (we have lots of water and need to increase food supplies for 72 hrs because it may take that long for emergency crews to arrive on site), that to stand in a door frame during a quake is still ok if there is no table top to use as cover, and we should do these exercises more often.

Halloween.  Thanks to Pervinder who coordinated the Diwali event, to our KL volunteers who danced and performed and to Rosie who dressed “Rosie’s girls” in traditional Indian clothing (including me).  Thanks to all the staff for their participation in the annual Halloween dress up contest, to the Elders and Jinniewho decorated many fabulous pumpkins, and to the awesome folks who baked and decorated some scary cupcakes.  The judges, including me, enjoyed every mouthful! Visit our website at to see pictures and/or login to our Facebook page.

In November we had a great turnout for the annual recognition of Remembrance Day hosted by the Whalley legion, a wonderful community partner and significant donor.  We also finalized the transition to PointClick, which has kept the Leadership and Nursing staff very busy.  We submitted our first data file to FHA and all went well.  Be sure to visit all the neighbourhoods to see the beautiful Christmas decorations and best wishes for 2015!

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