March is Nutrition Month

kl-blog-logo Every year March is celebrated as Nutrition Month. This year’s Nutrition Month campaign is about supporting Canadians to make small changes to their eating patterns toward a healthier pattern. The goal is to provide information to make it easier for Canadians to conveniently choose, eat and enjoy healthy foods. This month is about taking the pledge and making a small nourishing change and then stick with it. Too many changes can be overwhelming and so hard to stick. It’s better to make one small nourishing change that is sustainable.


First, think about your eating habits. Where can you make an easy positive change? Some ideas which are small but offer big difference:

  • Fill more of your plate with vegetables
  • Choose whole grains
  • Enjoy fruits for your snacks
  • Drink water to quench your thirst

Make a meal plan so you know ahead of time what you would be cooking and eating. Share your goals with family and friends to get them on board for their support and to enjoy good food with you.

When in hurry, swap nutrient-rich choices to bump-up the quality of your meals and snacks. Some ideas for you to enjoy delicious healthy foods are:

  • Wrap banana in a whole grain tortilla with peanut butter and trail-mix for crunchy portable breakfast or a meal, if you want.
  • Blend frozen berries of your choice with ground flax, baby spinach, yogurt and milk for a delicious drink to take.


Take a 100-meal journey; make small changes –one meal at a time


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