from Kathy’s Desk – September 2020

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Where has the summer gone?  September is here, yet it was literally only yesterday that I was enjoying my yearly retreat to my favourite place – Lake Louise.  I spent the last week of August absorbing the restorative properties and natural beauty of the Rockies as we went glamping/camping and cycling.  Feelings of nostalgia overtake me as I recall watching the sunset at Crescent Beach where I grew up spending the summers in the 60’s and 70’s.  I took this picture there last Sunday while swimming with my nieces and nephews.  I wanted to jump off the pier, but they much preferred to swim to the tanks.  I am also including a picture of Patrick, our former Director of Food Services and now consultant, who is recovering from his recent back surgery.  As you can see, his garden looks amazing so we may have to get him to also help out with our hanging baskets. Although, I must say that our balcony gardens, as well as the main floor garden, are looking beautiful.  As always, we encourage the Elders and staff to get outside to enjoy and smell the flowers.  We have been taking advantage of the warm weather by hosting neighbourhood BBQ’s and ice cream socials in addition to mini Happy Hours on the floors.

We thank you all for your ongoing support as we work through this COVID-19 pandemic.  We carry on with our outdoor social visits with families, in addition to virtual visits.  These are being scheduled with the Recreation staff so please contact them at (604) 580-8023 to book an appointment.  Under the Provincial Health Officer’s orders, we were unable to host our annual Eat.Go.Grow! summer camp this year as we cannot have volunteers or too many visitors onsite due to COVID-19 safety precautions.  We all miss the kids and the great food and fun they created.    

We have received news that our former Music Therapist, Maddie, had a second baby girl in May named Josephine.  We also extend a warm welcome our new Rehabilitation Assistant, Zahara.  We are starting to see more activity on the main floor including the opening of the Hair Salon which has been very well received by our Elders.

We continue to promote our staff health and wellness program.  Although we had to suspend our Vancouver Sun Run group exercises back in March, many of us are still running and weight training on our own.  Most of this has to be done at home as the gyms are often closed and we are advised to practice safe social distancing.  We have even heard of resourceful staff waking up at 5:00 AM to walk the dog outside and work on their fitness, putting in a full day of work and then still having the energy to run after their young children when they get home.  This just further reminds me that I really do work with super heroes.  Happy Labour Day!!