Resident Council

Resident Council members represent all of our Elders and communicate on their behalf to the Leadership Team regarding safety, food, recreation, special events, decor and new ideas. You can often see them meeting with new Elders soon after they move in and welcoming them to our home.

Living at Kinsmen Lodge you can have a very busy and active life, if you so choose.  As always, it is up to each person to decide what they would like to become involved in.  Participation is a choice and if people need help getting to a program they just need to ask.  In addition to being involved in various Recreation activities, Elders have many opportunities to volunteer in our home.  It is an important way to give back to others and provides meaningful work.

All of our Elders are an inspiration to all staff, volunteers and visitors alike, as they continue to share their wisdom and life experience to the benefit of everyone.


  • JeanHenry Friesen, Co-Chair
  • alan Leona Schmitke, Co-Chair