A message to our dear Rosemary, on her 65th Birthday

Today, we celebrate your 65th year

No doubt some of us will shed a tear.

But most will celebrate your joie de vivre

Translation: it means “you are happy to be”.

So before we present your gifts from us all

I have a tale to tell about a real nursing doll.


You see, I’ve known Rosemary these past years eleven

She is compassionate and caring – a natural maven.

She was introduced to me as head of the Union

I hoped she wouldn’t become a painful intrusion.

She presented as someone who was bright and feisty

Loyal and smart, someone to lean on in a crisis.


One day I commented, “you are quite the fashionista”

She responded, “you should see my closet, it has quite the vista.”

In true style, she shops at Tiffany’s, Holt Renfrew and, of course, MK

She has a taste for Louis Vuitton & Coach, while listening to MJ.

It did not take long for us to find common ground

And together our team built a new home where we … “hang around”.


In our years caring for Elders (too many to count), we’ve seen a true seniors evolution

And, in reflection of your 40 year career, this should rightly be called a revolution.


Complex care issues are well managed by the Rosemary’s of this world,

So to our very own Rosemary: Thank you for your knowledge & charm, done so often with a smile and a twirl!


Warm and Happy Birthday Wishes                            

from your Kinsmen Lodge Family

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