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DSC_0096-300x271Gilbert Lobelsohn 89 year old Gilbert Lobelsohn has lived a life of adventure that sounds more like a movie script than reality. Born and raised in Rumania, he and his brothers were incarcerated by the Nazis in a WWII concentration camp. While the boys all managed at some point to break out, their mother kept sending them back in until they could all escape together. After the war, the family immigrated to Israel, where Gilbert joined the Navy – at the time badly in need of ships. He took part in the infamous “theft” of French PT boats from the port of Cherbourg, an international incident still surrounded by conspiracy theories today. While traveling to Paris to serve as the best man at his brother’s wedding, he met Bertha, the bride’s sister. Gilbert and Bertha took one look at each other and married 10 days later. A few years later, with only $10 in his pocket, Gilbert brought his wife and children to Montréal. He built a successful auto repair business, although his kids remember their Dad driving the family vehicle uphill in reverse since it would not go into first gear. A fall and concussion have left Gilbert with permanent dizziness, but he is very happy living a life of leisure now at Kinsmen Lodge. He keeps in touch with his family in Montréal through the Kinsmen Lodge Facebook page and wonders what new adventures await him around every corner.